Sin Assassins

Sin Assassins

Assassins in the movies are always portrayed as cool, smart, and prepared for anything. They’re always one step ahead of their target, usually with a sarcastic quip immediately following their deadly shot. You’ll never see a bumbling, unmotivated assassin in the movies. Movie assassins don’t tell dad jokes. That kind of character just isn’t believable.

In Colossians 3:1 Paul commands believers to “put to death whatever belongs to your earthly nature.” He tells us to be sin assassins. We’re supposed to kill the sin that is a part of the old self, but which still hangs around tempting us to return to that worthless way of living. The assassins we see in movies provide an excellent example for how we should go about killing sin.

Sin AssassinsFirst, we have to be cool. Sin thrives when we are irrational, exhausted, or stressed. Staying cool, in this context, means staying under control, emotionally. It is akin to the spiritual fruit of self-control. Stressful situations wear us down, emotionally, which creates an opportunity for temptation. It is harder to resist temptation when we are worn out. That’s why it’s important to maintain self-control no matter the circumstances.

Second, we have to be smart. We need to understand ourselves and the sins we are most prone to commit. Just as importantly, we need to know the devil’s tactics and how he likes to tempt us. Knowing our weaknesses and the devil’s schemes allows us to effectively put to death the sins of our earthly nature.

Third, we have to be prepared. This means stocking up on ammunition, which is the word of God. You cannot effectively kill sin if you don’t have any bullets! We need to store up Scripture in our hearts and minds. This can be done by memorizing individual verses, doing daily devotions, or taking on a Bible reading plan. Knowing the Bible is the best preparation for attacking sin.

Sin is trying to kill you. It’s trying to drag you away from Christ and prevent you from living his life in your body. You can’t afford to take it easy on sin. You must be merciless. Assassinate the sin in your life by being cool, smart, and prepared for anything.

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