Published: 3 months ago

Sermon Audio: The Walking Dead

The zombie phenomenon is fascinating. Our culture has become obsessed with the undead, and no show on television is capitalizing off of this phenomenon – or driving it – more than The Walking Dead. At first blush The Walking Dead appears to be nothing more than a serialized monster movie, …

Published: 4 months ago

Sermon Audio: Fringe

This morning we began a new series at Grace Church called The Netflix Gospel. This was an idea I had several months ago, based on a series we did at LifePoint Church last year called Now Playing. At LifePoint, we examined several movies (which were in theaters at the time) …

Published: 6 months ago

The Zekey Trip: Part 2

Last Thursday we left our campsite in Flagstaff, AZ, and headed north in a rented car toward the Grand Canyon. It would be my second time to the Grand Canyon, but for Breena and the kids, it was their first. Before we arrived at the park, we drove through some …

Published: 6 months ago
The kids holding a picture of Zeke in the RV

The Zekey Trip: Part 1

We’re calling it the Zekey Trip. We had made arrangements with Make-A-Wish to take an RV trip all across the country, but when Zekey passed away in March, Make-A-Wish could no longer make the trip happen. Breena and I both felt that the trip would be an important investment in …

Published: 7 months ago

The Reason for Our Hope

Since our son Ezekiel passed away two and a half months ago, Breena and I have been often asked: How are you doing? The truth is, we’re doing well. This fact can be difficult for some to understand. After all, our 4 1/2 year old son died of a terrible disease that …

Published: 7 months ago

Sermon Audio: Sacred Cows

This morning I preached a sermon at Grace on Matthew 12 called Sacred Cows. Jesus and his disciples were walking through a grainfield on the Sabbath, and because they were hungry, his disciples picked some heads of grain and ate them. The Pharisees, who enforced strict Sabbath-keeping laws, were incensed by …

Published: 7 months ago

Book Review: Benefit of the Doubt by Greg Boyd

What is faith? What does it mean to have great faith? What does faith look like in our relationship with God? What is the nature of our relationship with God? These are the questions that drive Greg Boyd’s book Benefit of the Doubt: Breaking the Idol of Certainty. Part theology, …

Published: 7 months ago

Benefit of the Doubt by Greg Boyd (p. 125)

In his book Benefit of the Doubt, Greg Boyd talks about the difference between a contractual understanding of salvation and a covenantal understanding of salvation. He argues that, while contractual and legal language occasionally appears in the New Testament, our salvation is ultimately rooted in a covenant that God has …

Published: 8 months ago

Book Review: The Theology of the Book of Revelation by Richard Bauckham

There are many different interpretive models for the book of Revelation. Some approach it as though it were a code to be deciphered, matching ancient images with present figures in an attempt to unlock the secrets of the last days. Others see it as a uniquely Christian history with little …

Published: 8 months ago

Sermon Audio: Skeptics Sunday

This past Sunday I preached a message I called Skeptics Sunday at Grace Church. Using the doubt of Thomas as my lead-in, I addressed a couple of the issues raised by skeptics of Christianity. Obviously, there wasn’t enough time in one message to address all of their claims, so I …